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Card Messages
Baby Card Messages

  Our flock is growing

  Babies are bundles from the heaven

  Welcome to the world...

  A special welcome to the new addition
Skunk Card Messages

  50 stinks

  There’s something in the air, happy


  We’re all chocked up. Happy anniversary

  Happy stinking birthday

  We’ve landed to say happy anniversary

  Feathers flew when I met you, happy


  Flocks of love from Peter to Karen
Cow Card Messages

  Don’t have a cow, you’re 40 now

  You’re 40, party till the cows come home

  We herd you’re out to pasture

  Moos flash its.......birthday

  Holy cow, .........

  An udder year together

  Have you herd the moos.....peter is 40

  Happy birthday–milk it for all its worth

  Don’t have a cow, its only your birthday

  You old heifer, happy birthday
Buzzard Card Messages

  Happy birthday you old buzzard

  Happy birthday, you old bird

  The old buzzard is.......

  We’re circling for you

  Flocks of love on your......

  Mourn the passing of karen’s youth

  How did you get so old?

  Classics get better with age

  Look alive, here comes the buzzards

  The buzzards are circling

  A little birdie told us you’re age
Flamingo Card Messages

  We flew in to wish you a ....

  Old bird, young at heart

  Flocks of love on your......

  The flock is in shock

  We landed to wish you a ........

  Happy anniversary (birthday) you old

  A little birdie told us you age
Hearts Card Messages

  We’ve landed to say I love you

  Feathers flew when I met you

  Flocks of love from peter to karen

  You’re still my heart throb

  Still young at heart

  A whole flock to love for you

  Hugs and kisses to my mrs

  Hugs and kisses to my sweetheart
Birthday Card Messages

  Old ages comes at a bad time

  Build for comfort, not for speed

  Classics get better with age

  The older I get, the better I was

  Still nifty at 50

  Still sexy at 60

  Happy flocking birthday

  Young at heart, older elsewhere
Golf Ball Card Messages

  Another year down the hole

  Don’t get teed off, you’re still swinging

  Still up to par

  Putt putt you old geezer

  Have a ball on your birthday

  Lets go clubbing for your birthday

 Its tee time old guy, happy birthday
Frog Card Messages

  We’re jumping to wish you an Happy Anniversary

  We’re all croaking to wish you happy birthday(anniversary)

  Ribbit it up on your birthday

  Still hopping, happy birthday

  All croaked up

  Three croaks for you

  Don’t jump to conclusions, Peter is only 40
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